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Student Enrollment Questions and Answers

  1. What do I need to do if I don’t live within the River Road ISD boundaries but would like my child to attend school in River Road ISD?
    1. Fill out a transfer application.  If and when you are approved:
      1. If you are new to the district fill out the NEW student enrollment
      2. If you have a returning student fill out the Returning Student enrollment
  2. What needs to be uploaded with a transfer application?
    1. For a student who attended RRISD last year
      1. Nothing
    2. For a student new to RRISD
      1. Report card for 2023-2024
      2. Attendance records from school attended in 2023-2024
      3. Discipline records from school attended in 2023-2024
      4. STAAR test scores
  3. What is the enrollment process for returning students?
    1. If you live within the district boundaries, log into Skyward Family Access and complete the returning student enrollment.
    2. If you live outside of the district boundaries, submit a transfer application then if and when you are approved you will complete the NEW student enrollment.
  4. What are acceptable documents for proof of residency?
    1. Visit
  5. What campus will my student(s) be at?
    1. Willow Vista Early Childhood Academy for grades PK to 1st grade
    2. Rolling Hills Elementary for grades 2nd to 5th
    3. River Road Middle School for grades 6th to 8th
    4. River Road High School for grades 9th to 12th
  6. What if I don’t know my Skyward Family Access log in?
    1. Click the Forgot your Login/Password on the login page
    2. Or contact the campus office
      1. Willow Vista ECA  806-383-8820
      2. Rolling Hills Elementary 806-383-8621
      3. River Road Middle School 806-383-8721
      4. River Road High School 806-383-8867
  7. Is my child eligible for Pre-K?
  8. Is there a school supply list?
  9. Can I get a school calendar?
  10. Can the student login and complete their own registration?
    1. No, registration must be completed by a primary guardian.
  11. If my child is a transfer student, do I need to upload proof of residency?
    1. No proof of residency is only required for students living in the district.
  12. Who needs to upload proof of residency?
    1. Only students living in the River Road ISD district and:
      1. Are entering grade levels new to a campus.
        1. High School 9th graders
        2. Middle School 6th graders
        3. Rolling Hills 2nd graders
      2. Or students who were not attending RRISD at the end of the 2023-2024 school year.
      3. Or students who moved over the summer and whose new residence is in the RRISD district
  13. What if I have completed my registration but it won’t let me submit?
    1. Go back and make sure that every step has a green check beside it, including step 1.
    2. If you still can’t submit, contact the campus.
  14. What if my student needs transportation to and from school?
    1. Contact the bus barn at 806-383-3347
  15. Questions about Athletics?
    1. Contact either Bryan Welps, athletic director, at 806-383-8867 ext 4010 or Michele Upchurch, athletic secretary, at 806-383-8867 ext 4004