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From the Desk of the Superintendent


Richard Kelley


























A Message from the Superintendent of River Road ISD,

Mr. Richard Kelley


Howdy Wildcats!

I pray everyone had a very Merry Christmas and an excellent start to the New Year!

As everyone heads back to the classroom, we want everyone to remember that January is
School Board Appreciation Month. The RRISD Board of Trustees has ALL students in mind
when making decisions and working with the administrative team to develop new programs.
They also work hard to ensure all constituents are represented and taxpayers' dollars are well-spent
to help the district's students and staff!

Our school board consists of the following individuals:

Amanda Brown - Board President
Butch Dawson - Board Vice-President
Danielle Coleman - Board Secretary
Copen Smith - Trustee
Lori Hall - Trustee
Nikki Forrest - Trustee
Melinda Powell - Trustee

Each of these individuals is passionate about Public Education, the River Road Community, and
ensuring River Road students are prepared for the next level. 2024 is an election year, and I
would ask all voters to take the time and VOTEI Primaries are as crucial as the general election.
Representative Four Price is retiring, and his seat is up for grabs. He has fiercely advocated for
Public Education and ALL students and communities in the area he represents. As you go to the
polls and vote on his replacement, please consider candidates who are as supportive of public
education and properly funding public education as he is.

The RR community and district are a team, and we should always work together to meet
children's needs. We will not always agree on courses of action, but we can sit down and talk it
through to increase understanding. Whenever there are district concerns, we want to know
about them. lt is so important to the staff that we build a strong relationship where people can
talk to us about issues. Again, you may not always agree wrth the outcome, but you will be
heard and acknowledged.

Please feel free to call any of us regarding any questions you might have.

Richard Kelley – Superintendent - 381-7800
Andy Nies – Asst. Superintendent - 381-7800
Jeremy Chettinger – RR High School Principal - 383-8867
Rachel Freeman – RR l/iddle School Principal - 383-8721
Erin Brandstatt – Rolling Hills Principal - 383-8621
Arely Diaz – Willow Vista ECA Principal - 383-8820

I am very much looking forward to this semester. Our students will have several challenges, but
they will succeed because they have a school and community supporting them.


Richard Kelley, Superintendent

River Road ISD

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