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Instructional Services

Our district offers a continuum of services with flexible instructional arrangements that are 
available to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities on each campus.

  • Regular Classroom with Accommodations: Special education staff work cooperatively with the general education teachers to ensure that student modifications and accommodations are understood and implemented in general education classes.



  • Speech and Language Therapy: This program provides remediation to students with communication disorders to improve their effectiveness and performance in the academic environment.

  • Resource: Resource is a structured program based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills general education curriculum in reading, language arts/English, and math. Instruction in a resource setting is provided by a Special Education teacher and is designed to meet individual academic needs to increase academic competence. 



  • Self Contained: Self contained classes are designed for students with educational needs that require a specialized instruction by a special educator. The array of classes include a variety of instructional arrangements for students who demonstrate special behavioral and/or academic needs.
  • Homebound: This service is designed to provide instruction to students who are unable to attend school due to accidents, illness, or a non-contagious disease as documented by a licensed physician. Students instructed through homebound services are expected to be confined to the home for a minimum of four consecutive weeks or any period of time totaling at least four weeks throughout the school year.