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Billingsley Book List

Book List

Chester’s Way

Big Dog and Little Dog

I am helpful


Pete the cat and the lost tooth

Best Friends

Pete the cat and the surprise teacher

Flip Flop!

Pete the cat’s train trip

Time for school, little dinosaur

Apple picking day

I am strong

This makes me happy

I am brave



Pete the cat scuba cat

Tooth Fairy’s night

Mouse loves snow

Otis’s busy day

Feeding time at the zoo

I like bugs

I like fish

Alexander and the wind-up mouse

The gingerbread pup

Penny and her marble

Puppy Mudge finds a friend

George and Martha two great friends

George and Martha rise and shine

Frog and toad are friends

Pig and Pug

Puppy Mudge loves his blanket

Penny and her song

Pete the Cat’s groovy bake sale

This makes me silly

The beak book


Puppy Mudge has a snack

George and Martha round and round

Pig the Pug

What does Otis see?

You get what you get

Find Fergus

Big dog and little dog wearing sweaters

Big dog and little dog getting into trouble

David goes to school

Wemberly worried

All right already!

The girl who thought in pictures

I need a hug

Sophie Johnson Unicorn expert

Max and Mo Let’s make a snowman

I will try

Pete the cat and the new guy

The tiny seed

The empty pot

If you ever want to bring a circus to the library, don’t!

If you ever want to bring an alligator to school, don’t!

Inch by inch

If you ever want to bring a piano to the beach, don’t!

What does it mean to be kind?


Johnny tractor and friends working together

Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes

Pete the cat and the bedtime blues


Sheila Rae, the brave

Dandelion magic go ahead and make your wish

If you give a mouse a brownie

How to catch a monster

How to catch a mermaid

How to catch a turkey

It’s snowing!

How to catch the Easter Bunny

How to catch a leprechaun

Humpty Dumpty Dumpty

Families belong

How to catch the Tooth Fairy

How dinosaurs play with their friends

Pete the cat and his magic sunglasses

Milo’s hat trick

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks

They love that mud!

The Bath

Fun with the pups

What a soft quilt

Nick’s black truck

Zack’s big black truck

The not big quilt

How do dinosaurs learn their colors?

When Mama can’t sleep

Super Sharks

Alexander, Who’s not going to move?

No jumping on the bed!

Benjamin and Tulip

Fester the Pester

Around the world and beyond

The Magic School Bus Inside the human body

Chicken in Mittens

Dig, Scoop, Ka-boom!

Who’s hiding in the jungle

The Builder

Ellie’s Tea Party


Let’s Read

Pot o’ Gold

Animals from A to Z

Giraffes can’t dance

I don’t want to have a bath!

Exploring the Great Outdoors

The Three Little Pigs

The Ninjabread Man