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August 2022 - Welcome Back Wildcats

Good Afternoon Parents!


Another school year is underway, and we have hit the ground running. I know the start of this school year is a little more stressful, given the events that happened in Uvalde last May. Our prayers go out to the residents and children of Uvalde, especially those lost in that horrific event.


We have spent the summer assessing all of our safety and security protocols, adding new ones, and further hardening our facilities.


Even though Texas is a "constitutional carry" state, please remember firearms and weapons of any kind are not allowed on our campuses or facilities. If you have questions regarding this rule, please don't hesitate to call one of our campus SROs or principals.


Visiting Procedures have been tightened quite a bit. Visitors must have and scan a US Government ID or US Driver’s license to be allowed on campus. We will require this of everyone. I know many of our parents and guardians visit our campuses frequently, and we may know each other on a first-name basis; however, we need to maintain fidelity in our procedures.


Your children will be noticing an increase in safety drills. These drills are essential for the safety and security of our staff and students in the event of many different types of emergencies. Don't hesitate to contact a principal if you have questions about our safety drills.


Please understand that if any of our facilities are on Lock-Down, no one other than Law Enforcement or First-Responders will be permitted inside the building.


We also need your help. If you See something, Say something! If you are concerned enough to put a safety or bullying issue on social media, please be concerned enough to report it to a campus principal or SRO as soon as possible.


Lastly, please get to know our full-time School Resource Officers in the district. These Sheriff's Deputies will be housed on different campuses to build relationships with students and to serve and protect everyone on that campus.


HS SRO - Deputy Darrell Fisher –

MS SRO – Deputy Brandon Weldon –

RHES SRO – Deputy Gerardo Patino –

WV SRO – Deputy Chris Tickner –


It's a Great Day to be a Wildcat!!


Richard Kelley, Superintendent

River Road ISD






Richard Kelley, Superintendent

River Road ISD