Superintendent's Message

A Message from the Superintendent of River Road ISD
Mr. Richard Kelley
Mr. Kelley - Superintendent of RRISD
Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of River Road ISD and the Board of Trustees, I would like to say thank you to the River Road community for another fantastic school year in which we saw students, teachers, and coaches do some pretty amazing things at all levels. We started the year by rolling out our Early Childhood Academy at the Willow Vista campus. This academy allowed us to offer full-day Headstart and Pre-K along with Kindergarten. This new academy also allowed us to isolate a group of students and give them the needed foundation without all the other elementary school activities, testing, and stresses. Mrs. Bolin and her staff have done a wonderful job transforming that campus. There is still much work to be done; however, I believe, That team will work hard to make the campus even better for the 2019 – 2020 school year.

As always, the administrative team will assess the prior school year and start developing plans for the upcoming school year over the summer. The 86th legislature will hand down new laws and guidelines, so we will break that down and see how to apply it best our district. We will continue looking for ways to make our schools safe. Our School Resource Officers, Deputy Jake Wilkins, and Deputy Justin Sirmon will be attending the summer school safety conference to see how we can make our campuses safer and give the community a sense of safety when it comes to educating their children. When it comes to school safety, we are in this together. As always if you see, hear, or know something, say something!

We are in dire need of parent and community involvement, especially on our PTOs and Booster Clubs. We currently have an outstanding group of individuals that go above and beyond to help our students with what they need to be more successful, but the group is SMALL. Concession stands and fundraiser take a lot of people when you only have a few bodies willing to help! We need to re-enforce and replenish the troops with more people willing to support our students and help make our district the best. If you would like to volunteer or get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our campuses when everyone returns on August 1st.

In conclusion, I know many parents feel that summer is a time for children to "take a break from learning," but I would like to encourage all parents and grandparents to keep their kids learning. Like the person who constantly goes to the gym to get in better shape, the learner must continue reading and learning to keep his or her brain in shape. Parents and Grandparents who encourage their children to read by modeling reading and providing books for them will see a tremendous improvement in overall learning. Even on vacation, parents can make an occasional stop at a museum or historical site to keep the mind learning. My point is -- summer should not be a time to stop learning, but a time to switch gears for a while and continue learning differently! Thank you for entrusting your children to River Road ISD. I pray everyone will have a safe, fun, and awesome summer! 


Richard Kelley, Superintendent
River Road ISD

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