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Friday Night Football

Posted Date: 09/02/2020


  1. Gates will open at 5:00 pm.
  2. No outside food or drinks in the stadium.
  3. Students that are 5th grade and under must be with their parent or guardian. This does not mean that you can bring your child's six friends with you to the game, only your own children.
  4. Everybody will be screened as they come into the game. You can use the screening tool the district has. You must show us the “all clear, green screen” on your phone from the screening tool. A QR code can be found below.
  5. ALL tickets are sold online. We will not be selling any tickets at the gate. Once we have reached our capacity for the game, we will be sold out. Tickets can be purchased via the link on our homepage.
  6. Everybody must have a mask and you have to be wearing it inside our stadium. If you do not wear it you will be asked to leave. We want our kids to play ball and we want our fans to be able to see the game so please help us with this requirement.
  7. Basketballs, footballs, etc. will not be allowed into the stadium. Playing catch with your friends can be done at home, not at the football game.
  8. Parents and spectators are not allowed in the fieldhouse, on the track, or on the football field before, during, or after the game.
  9. After the game, parents, fans, and students will not be allowed to congregate by the fieldhouse.  All fans are asked to leave the stadium as quickly as possible.  Football players will be instructed to meet their parents in the high school parking lot.

I know these guidelines will change many things we used to do during our “Friday Night Lights”.  Trust me, I wish we did not have to change, but we do.  Our number one goal is the safety and security of our players, cheerleaders, band members, coaches, and fans.  We need your help to ensure that our “Friday Night Lights” continue to burn bright and all fans can continue to come watch their kids in action.

As always, don’t hesitate to call my office at 383-8867 with any questions you may have!



Dean Birkes, Principal

River Road High School


QuickScreen COVID-19 Screening Tool QR Code:

QuickScreen QR code