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A Message from the Superintendent of River Road ISD
Mr. Richard Kelley
Mr. Kelley - Superintendent of RRISD

A Strong Start with Early Childhood

 After spending four years of my career as an elementary school principal, I came to realize how important it was that a child have a stronger beginning to his or her educational journey.  We are seeing more and more school districts adopting the need for a stronger beginning by forming all day Pre-K programs.  These programs are designed to help students get a better start in the learning process.  More importantly, students who start at an earlier age and go all day, begin a structured behavorial and emotional journey that will benefit them in years to come.  When I began my school administrator’s journey at River Road ISD in the fall of 1994, I was drawn in and embraced by an awesome community.  Some of the most rewarding and inspiring traits of the River Road community is their desire to work hard and their passion for family values.  Over the years, the demographic has changed and a large majority our community members are economically challenged.  Because of this shift, single parent families, as well as, dual parent families have a larger need to work, often in multiple jobs, to provide for their families.  This need and the need for Pre-K students to have a better beginning to their educational journey, has prompted River Road ISD to create a campus and program that will benefit many.  The Willow Vista Early Childhood Academy will offer all day Head Start, Pre-K, and Kindergarten to the children of River Road parents and parents wishing to transfer their four and five year old child(ren) to River Road.  Not only will parents be able to benefit from giving their child a better start, but the district will benefit with this decision as well.  Studies have shown Pre-K students in a seven hour program are much better prepared for future learning than students in a traditional three hour program.  River Road ISD will always step up to provide the highest standard of learning for all students at all levels, and this campus will provide us an opportunity to work with students on achieving goals that can prove difficult to accomplish under a traditional three hour program.  By having the facility apart from the elementary school, the education of four and five year olds can be the center of attention all day long by the entire campus.  The primary goal of this campus is to have all learners academically and emotionally ready to meet the challenges of first grade, elementary school, and beyond.  Beginnings are truly the most important part of any journey.  This new beginning for our parents, staff, community, and, most important, our students is one more reason why River Road ISD is the Right Road for the Right Reason and the Willow Vista Early Childhood Academy is where Wildcats start Strong!

Richard Kelley, Superintendent

River Road ISD



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